Work Experience


Waves is committed to providing work experience, including work shadowing, giving the opportunity to experience our culture and ethos and see if it matches yours.

Sarah Buchan undertook a week of work experience with Waves to see if this was the kind of work and environment in which she wished to work after leaving a career, spanning 17 years, with the Royal Navy.

‘Throughout the week I spent time with Lou understanding the business ethos and direction of the company. I spent time working with one of the consultants and his team of analysts at Waves HQ on a naval project. This was great as it allowed me to use my prior knowledge to help prepare the document for submission.’

The experience enabled Sarah to make an informed decision before committing to join Waves two weeks later, initially as an associate and 6 months later as an employee. Waves will benefit greatly from Sarah’s skills and Royal Navy career, in return Sarah will benefit from Waves understanding of the need to enable flexible working to allow family and work to be mutually compatible.

Emmeline Old had a career in the Education and Training branch of the Army and had been working in a Training Development Adviser role combined with a Learning Technology program.  She completed a work placement with Waves during her last 6 months in the military (Jan 15) in order to gain further experience of DSAT in practice and of working in a civilian work environment.

      ‘I mainly worked on the Police Now’ Graduate Leadership Development Programme under the guidance of George.  I appreciated being given entire tasks to do, that were actual parts of the analysis phase, and to receive positive feedback.  I was later employed as an associate (on leaving the military) and worked on Project FARADAY in Gosport and at Waves’ offices in Winterbourne Stoke.’

Emmeline was in communications about other possible opportunities during this time before relocating to the UAE. 

  ‘My experience with Waves definitely helped to secure my current employment as a DSAT Developer within an aviation context, so thank you!’



Waves is offering up to a week of work experience for an army / air or navy cadet.  This a great opportunity to see how the company works and our relationship within the Defence Sector.  Applicants will be able to see Waves in action both in and out of the office.  Please phone 01980 621 461 or email


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