Training Needs Analysis Visual Recognition Trainer

Challenge: The British Army must be ready to work in a coalition setting and oppose near peer, hybrid or irregular forces. Recognition and identification of friendly elements will be challenging but is essential.

Waves conducted a Training Needs Analysis to establish the information and assessment requirements for a Visual Recognition Trainer to allow UK Land forces to centrally manage and update training that is interactive, challenging and interesting.

Solution: A 5-phase project, conducted in accordance with the Defence direction and the customer’s requirements. Waves worked with the customer and Defence Subject Matter Experts to confirm the current training methods and any shortfall against doctrine. Concurrently, a review of current and emerging doctrine, identified the Training Gap. Training Options were produced against the identified Training Gap and a Measurement of Training Effectiveness study was produced for the customer. This was scored by Waves in order that a training solution could be recommended.

Results: Waves managed analysis and delivery to fit with a compressed Army timeline and recommended a practical solution that suited the aspiration for the Visual Recognition Trainer, and will allow central, distributed and home learning. A full understanding of the requirement, including a team with practical experience of recognition learning and assessment, ensured that we went straight to the nub of the problem, capturing the conditions needed to deliver recognition training effectively. Shortfalls in existing documentation were identified and solutions were proposed, all of which were adopted.

Twelve trg options were produced for consideration by the TNASG, with each option offering whole or partial address of the Training Gap. Industry were engaged to incorporate novel and emerging media.

Waves provided fully compliant and auditable training documentation to facilitate the customer’s aspiration of training, to ensure effective and efficient delivery to users.

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