Reserves – a selection of our Reservists


GRAHAM CROWE – LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT CONSULTANT is also a Major and works one week every month as a Group Leader at the Army Officer Selection Board in  Westbury.  “Waves’ management team are extremely flexible and this allows me to fulfil my Reservist role and enjoy my civilian work.”




Em reservistEMILY HEWITT – HR MANAGER  is a Major conducting Watchkeeper tasks for the National Reserves Headquarters Royal Artillery.  Emily is committed to 2 weeks of Reservist work; one of which is paid by Waves demonstrating the Company’s support.  “I enjoy the opportunity to still put on uniform and maintain a working knowledge of a career I loved for 16 years.”




TESS MATSON – TECHNICAL LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT MANAGER  Waves has been incredibly supportive of me working as a Learning Development Advisor with the AGC(ETS) Reserves.  My current Reserve tasking included a Role Analysis of Army Legal Officers and Waves supported me by allowing me the time to ensure it was completed in time and also offered the opportunity of using Waves’ staff to bounce ideas off to ensure the ALS received a high quality product.  In addition to supporting my Reservist commitment Waves encourages all of its staff to take time to maintain a good level of physical fitness by providing fitness training sessions.  After losing my husband to mental illness after he left the army I took the very difficult decision to leave Regular service and transfer to the Reserves and since then I find it extremely hard to find the time to focus on my own fitness as a single parent.  Waves has provided tremendous support throughout.  The support and opportunities provided by Waves has enabled me to maintain my fitness levels to pass MATTs as well as provide me with the structure and support that has allowed me to continue to enjoy being part of the military.have both retired from Regular Army Service as ETS  Majors and now conduct Reserve duty as Reserve ETS officers. Waves provide 2 weeks additional leave per year, one week paid.



darrenreservistDARREN MURPHY – LEARNING AND DEVELOPMENT PRINCIPAL CONSULTANT is also a Major in the Reserves, “Waves are an outstanding employer who fully support my professional and personal development across my civilian role and as an active reservist. I am supported through paid leave to attend summer camp, flexible working hours, a commitment to my development, and a true understanding of the challenge of juggling the civilian and reservist commitment”.