Certificate of Sustainability

CertificateThe Fuelcard Company and the Yorkshire Dales Millennium Trust really appreciate the support we give to help the carbon offsetting initiative.YDMT is one of a handful of organisations in the UK that uses the Woodland Carbon Code which is the only recognised standard in the UK to scientifically calculate how much carbon dioxide is taken from the atmosphere and stored in trees, known as carbon sequestration.

Using the Woodland Carbon Code, YDMT have calculated that 1 acre of new tree planting will absorb over 620 tonnes of CO2 over the lifetime of the woodland and by your continued contributions you can help us continue to support new woodland planting and show that we are working together to help reduce the UK’s carbon footprint.

With your help the YDMT has planted 15,522 trees so far which is a significant amount of their overall target of 100,000.

This means that your company has been able to assist The Fuelcard Company in offsetting 5,969.8 tonnes of carbon, which really will make a difference to our environment.